It’s that time of year again, time for us to come together to help out those in need this holiday season.
Please take a few moments to read the letters below selected by The Salvation Army to receive help this year.
If you are able to help out any of the families, please send your tax deductible donation to…

Christmas Wish c/o Forever Media
900 Water Street • Downtown Mall • Meadville, PA 16335

You can also drop off your donation at the Forever Media office in the Downtown Mall in Meadville.

Donations will be accepted until Friday, December 17th at 5pm.

Please make all checks payable to The Salvation Army and indicate to which letter it should be applied.

As always, the names of those needing help will be kept confidential as well as your donation.

Please read the complete Christmas Wish details here.

Letter #1

I am writing to tell you about a family that could use a helping hand this Christmas. She is a single mother of 4 kids, and works so hard to make sure the kids have everything they need and sadly, there’s nothing left over for Christmas. Not only is she an amazing mother, but she tirelessly takes care of her father, who needs constant round the clock care. She has a heart of gold and does everything to take care of others. To top it off, they had a devastating house fire last year, she still chugs forward with a smile on her face to be the best mother and caretaker she can be. Please help this mama provide the best Christmas for her children.

Letter #2

My grandma has made it a habit to be selfless her entire life. She’s devoted most of her life to raise 3 generations of children and continually puts herself last. Right now, she has 2 of her great-grandchildren living with her, ages 10 & 15, and is trying to make ends meet, living on only survivor’s benefits from her late husband. The children come from horrible living conditions and my grandma has welcomed them with open arms and treats them as her own. Times are tough, and I know she’s pinching pennies here and there to give the best she can. Can you please see that you can help them all out this Christmas, that’s a big enough gift to last a lifetime for me

Letter #3

I am writing to you about my friend who recently went through a transplant. She’s been back and forth to Pittsburgh for over 4 years and unemployed during that time. She’s a single mother of 4 kids, ages 5 through 15. She truthfully needs help this year. She is living on disability and lost her apartment due to the medical bills and trips back for forth to Pittsburgh. If you can provide anything for these kids I know she would be forever happy and so will all 4 of her great kids. Thank you so much!

Letter #4

I am asking for your consideration to help my daughter. She has recently got her 4 children back from an abusive home while they were living with their father. She lost her job that she had while she was in a long custody battle, because she had to take a lot of time off. A couple of months later, she took in 4 extra kids to help a friend in need. While having 8 kids in the house, she had to quit her new job because the kids kept being sent home and having to quarantine due to coronavirus. Now, her car has stopped working and she has no money to get it fixed, or to look for a new job. If you could help it would be greatly appreciated and we would be extremely grateful!

Letter #5

I would like to let you know about my coworker who is a father of 3. He and his wife are trying to back on their feet after a fire took their house and everything they owned. They also lost their animals in the fire on Halloween morning. I know Christmas is going to be hard for them this year, they are staying with his grandparents right now. I would like to see Christmas be special for all 5 of them. Thank you very much!!!

Letter #6

My mother and nephew could really use your help this Christmas. My mother is on disability and does not get much on social security. She struggles with deciding each month on which bills get paid and which ones will get paid next month. On top of that, she took in my nephew due to unfortunate circumstances at his home. It truly seems like they barely get by, they struggle every single month. She has gone without so my nephew can have the necessities that he needs. They don’t ask for much and always help others, so I hope that you can find it in your heart to help them enjoy their Christmas. Thank you!!

Letter #7

I am asking for help with my daughter and granddaughter. She just got out of a toxic relationship a few months ago and has been struggling to make ends meet and has nothing to spare for Christmas. We have offered to help, but she refuses, as we are struggling too. She is currently staying at a campground, as that is all she can afford. I really hope you will consider helping her this Christmas. She is a very hard working woman, and would do anything to give her little girl the best Christmas possible.

Letter #8

I am writing on behalf of my family that is struggling really bad this holiday season. A lot has happened this year, most of which are unfortunate events. My mom has thyroid cancer and we found out that it came back worse than it originally was. Shortly after that she ended up catching Covid-19, luckily she was ok. Not long after that, my brother was in an accident that has us making multiple trips to Pittsburgh for surgeries. Watching my family struggle is very hard. I love my mom and dad, and I know they are struggling more than ever right now due to everything that has happened. I genuinely hope you can find it in your heart to help my family. Thank you so much!


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