It’s that time of year again, time for us to come together to help out those in need this holiday season.
Please take a few moments to read the letters below selected by The Salvation Army to receive help this year.
If you are able to help out any of the families, please send your tax deductible donation to…

Christmas Wish c/o Forever Media
900 Water Street • Downtown Mall • Meadville, PA 16335

You can also drop off your donation at the Forever Media office in the Downtown Mall in Meadville.

Donations will be accepted until Friday, December 16th at 5pm.

Please make all checks payable to The Salvation Army and indicate to which letter it should be applied.

As always, the names of those needing help will be kept confidential, as well as your donation.

Please read the complete Christmas Wish details here.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am writing today to ask for help for my brother and his girlfriend, as they are having a bad year. In March, my brother was in a bad motorcycle accident. He spent 3 weeks in the hospital…. And is still trying to recover from his injuries to this day. He had to put his career on hold until he can fully recover. To make matters worse, their baby that was born at the beginning of November, sadly passed away after a few hours on earth. It’s a trying time in their life, and any help would be appreciated for them and their 3 year old daughter. Thank you.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am writing to you about my husband. He has been through a lot medical wise… with multiple surgeries, long hospital stays and even on the cusp of sepsis. He’s not out of the woods yet – as he has another surgery planned before the year is over. We live on a fixed income, and having to go to the doctors in Pittsburgh is a great expense. We are a family of 8 – 6 kids, and the 2 of us. It’s been an emotional, tremendous, stressful hardship. Being a Christmas Wish recipient would be a tremendous help for our family. Thank you!

Dear Christmas Wish, I would like to tell you about my sister. She is a mother of 3 going to school full time and hopes to build a better career for her kids than we had growing up. I normally help her financially with the holidays, but this year I cannot. To top it off – her middle son tragically lost his stepmother a few months ago and his dad is still struggling to overcome the grief. Also, her youngest lost his brother a few months ago. This family has been through a lot this year… and I want to make sure they will have the best Christmas they can. Thank you.

Dear Christmas Wish, my friend has a family of 4. He works hard every day to try to survive. He has a daughter who has a medical condition they have to watch closely. This past summer she spent two months in Pittsburgh at the hospital. His wife stayed down there with her and he and his son stayed home because of the severe financial burden for them. They are a very good and kind-hearted family and would help anyone…but this time, they need the help. Anything would be so appreciated. Thank you!

Dear Christmas Wish, I am writing to you about my mother. We lost our father due cancer in 2021. She is raising her grandchildren and myself – and never has time for herself. She is taking care of two 3 year olds, a one year old, and a 9 and 7 year old. I am 21 and try to help my mom out the best that I can. She is always sad and I just want to see her smile again to show there is still love and hope out there.

Dear Christmas Wish, my family has grown recently to a family of 4 and soon to be 5. My husband is disabled, and things are beyond rough, but we still made the decision to take in 2 teens that desperately needed a family. These kids were placed with us with nothing more than the clothes on their back. Our daughter understands that we need to help them, but as a mother, I still feel that I’m letting them down by not having Christmas presents to offer. I am praying that we can get some help to have them have a great loving family Christmas. Thank you so much!

Dear Christmas Wish, I’d like to nominate my daughter and her 4 kids for Christmas Wish this year. Earlier this year, she left her husband due to domestic violence and has been struggling ever since. She is a nurse and a single mom of four. They have been in shelters and hotels… when there isn’t anywhere else to go, she has tried to get help with housing and that is a long process. She wants to give her kids stability and a home to call their own. I am confident that any help they get for Christmas would be greatly appreciated. Life keeps throwing her down, but she hasn’t and will not give up on her kids. Happy holidays and God bless.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am reaching out to you about my niece who lost her house and entire belongings due to a house fire in October. Thankfully, they all got out safe, but they lost everything… including stuff for their children, ages 1 – 9. We all know they are in need of presents and whatever can be donated. Please consider them for Christmas Wish, as they need a miracle to get them in the Christmas spirit.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am writing to you today on behalf of my step-father and family. Almost 7 years ago, he and my mom got custody of my nephew and have been raising him on their own. In the past they have struggled but always wanted the best for their kids – no matter their situation. Back in May, my mother’s health condition worsened and she passed away. I know Christmas is going to be hard on them, especially my nephew – not having her here for Christmas. I would love to able to help my stepdad create the best Christmas this year, any help making this happen would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am writing this letter for my aunt and uncle. They are having a really rough year – with my uncle being sick with stomach problems and my grandmother being diagnosed with breast cancer and our family having to take care of her. Every extra penny has gone to providing transportation back and forth for treatment and doctor appointments. To make matters worse, their car is now broke down, too. I’m asking you for a Christmas miracle for this family, as my brothers who live with them and my cousins would love a great Christmas from Santa.

Dear Christmas Wish, I writing this letter for my daughter and her family in hopes of giving them a great Christmas this year. My daughter was recently diagnosed with CMI Leukemia and is unable to work. With this diagnosis of cancer and the many doctor appointments, blood work and chemo – it’s been a very rough year. Through it all, she does her best as a single mother to take care of her two teenage daughters. I know she would love to give them a great Christmas, but it seems so out of reach. I am hoping Christmas Wish can fulfill a wish for them this year.

Dear Christmas Wish, I am reaching out for help for my best friend. She has 8 kids… ages 8 months through 14 years old. She’s working a full time job, but it’s barely getting her bills paid. She’s the most kind hearted woman I know and she just wants to see her kids happy on Christmas day. She doesn’t ask for help and always makes things happen for her family, but this year she is struggling.

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