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Letter #1

Three months ago my sister lost her job due to coronavirus. She is a single mom of 4 little girls — and just went through a divorce. She hasn’t been able to receive unemployment due to backlog at the state and was told it could take up to 20 weeks to get a payment. She has to cut so many corners to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. I know this Christmas will be tough to give the 4 girls the best Christmas yet during this unfortunate year for them. On top of that, they haven’t been able to see many family members due to risk of being exposed to the virus. I just want my sister and nieces to have the Christmas they deserve.

Letter #2

My sister recently left an abusive relationship. She and her 3 children left and moved in with our mom. Within weeks of dealing with the downfall of that situation, she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Through it all, she is still working full time and trying to provide for herself and the kids. My family is doing what they can to help, but I am nervous that their Christmas won’t be the one that they truly deserve and need for a bright spot of the year. They are having a really difficult time with everything…a new house…and their mother being sick. Will you please see that they get their spirits lifted with a great Christmas? Thank you!

Letter #3

A friend of mine is a single mom with 3 boys. Her mother passed away earlier this year due to cancer…She was her rock and helped her out with anything imaginable. She only gets S.S.I. and that is used to strictly pay for bills, food and not much more. She also has to have people take her places to be able to do anything. She never likes to ask for help…even if it would be for the best that she did. Could you please see that her children have a great Christmas…? They deserve the best. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Letter #4

I am writing this letter for my fiancé and her children. She is a very hard working woman and going through hard times…Both of us were working and getting bills paid. Luckily, she was able to find another job — but it only pays a quarter of what she was making before. The bad luck continued…when she had to have a major surgery and had to be out of work for 8 weeks with no pay. It doesn’t stop there…her daughter is a cancer survivor and has to go to Pittsburgh often for many appointments. This has been very stressful for her. Could you please see that she and her children have the best Christmas yet — that will give them hope? Thank you very much!

Letter #5

I am writing to you this year for my aunt. My two sisters and I had to come live with my aunt after our mother passed away from coronavirus in October. My aunt already has 4 kids of her own and now has 7 kids living with her. She is trying to work and take care of all of us, but there is not additional help coming in. To top it off, my 5 year old sister has multiple seizures and other health issues, and no one can go to the hospital to be with her when she has to go. Sometimes my aunt will go hungry just so we can all eat. I would love to get food for Christmas so my aunt can eat with us. She deserves the world and I hope she can have a day to herself in the near future to be treated like a queen as a thank you for all the stuff that she has taken on this year.

Letter #6

Please let this Wish find and touch your heart as much as this woman has touched and helped many in her community. She has dedicated the past 5 years in the health care field putting her on the front line to serve others. Recently, she had to cut her hours back to create time to take care of her sick mother who needs round-the-clock care…and if that wasn’t enough…her husband lost his job due to coronavirus. I am wishing upon a star that she and her family will be able to get a little bit of cheer during the holidays this year. She has been so humble for many years and deserves to be rewarded for her willingness to help others, even when times have become extremely tough. Thank you.

Letter #7

I would never ask for help if we didn’t truly need it. Back in June, my husband had emergency surgery and almost passed away. He was in and out of the hospital for about 2 months. He is still fighting his health condition. He will be needing another surgery right before Christmas. We are barely getting by and we are scared that we won’t be able to give our children the Christmas they deserve. They have been through a lot the last 6 months and haven’t complained once. They are so strong, but still too young to understand what is going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated and we would be forever thankful. God bless.

Letter #8

My sister just recently lost her husband. He was only 50 years old. They have 4 kids…and sadly, there is no income coming in to the house. To make matters worse, she is battling stage 4 throat cancer and has yet to fully recover. She can’t drive and there is no working oven. This family has been hit extremely hard and I would appreciate any help they can get.

Letter #9

My daughter is a single mother of 2 young children. She has been working at a local restaurant. Sadly, business has not been great there. Not only have there been restrictions on indoor dining for the last several months, but people are not tipping like they used to due to coronavirus. She isn’t making much money to provide a nice Christmas for her kids. The other night she called me all distraught because she is having problems paying her bills. I would love to see her have a few bills paid, necessities and Christmas gifts for her kids. They really need it and it would give her a glimmer of hope. Thanks!

Letter #10

A single father of 5 kids…could really use a Christmas Wish this year. He has overcome so many struggles and obstacles in the past year. He has made incredible progress in the last few years to better himself and his family. But sadly, he was suddenly admitted to the hospital recently due to a collapsed lung and may need a lung transplant. He has a long, long road to recovery ahead of him, including therapy and an oxygen tank. Since the mother of his kids is not involved with them, the caretaking of the kids has fallen onto their grandma while he remains in the hospital over an hour away. Could you please see that they have a great Christmas and take off any stress for the holidays? Thank you so much!

Letter #11

Hello, I am the wife of a US Navy veteran and we have six kids, ages 10 months to 16 years old. My husband is currently out of work due to coronavirus and I had to quit my job as a home health aide so I can provide fulltime care for our youngest son who was born with a heart condition and is very immune compromised. We realize there are many other in need this year, but if you could please consider our family anyway, that would be great and we would be truly happy. Merry Christmas and God bless.

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