News Live 365: November 23rd, 2022

A 19-year-old driver from Tioga County was hospitalized after his vehicle collided with a commercial truck in Mercer County. While traveling along Interstate 80 through Shenango Township at about 6:30AM on Friday, Joaquin Moses rubbed his vehicle against a cement barrier and then drifted into the path of a commercial truck. Moses was hospitalized following the crash after reporting neck and back injuries.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and AAA estimates that about two million Pennsylvania residents will travel more than 50 miles to see friends and family, 90% of them will be driving. With all the extra traffic please take care to drive safely, and keep in mind that the Pennsylvania State Police and other police forces will be on patrol looking for aggressive or impaired drivers to keep roads safe. AAA estimates local gas prices are for the most part higher than the State average of about $4 per gallon. Mercer County is the cheapest with prices at about the state average, Venango and Clarion County average about $4.07, Erie $4.08, $4.11 in Forest County, and $4.15 in Crawford and Warren County.