News Live 365: November 22nd, 2022

29-year-old Matthew Divido of Tionesta is wanted for shooting a man with a 20 gauge shotgun outside of Hydetown Volunteer Fire Department at about 2:10AM Saturday Morning. Witnesses say Divido fled the scene in a white 2009 Ford Escape along Route 408 after the shooting. The victim was able to be treated and later released from a hospital in Titusville. Anyone with information about Matthew Divido please call the Pennsylvania State Police in Corry at (814)663-2043.

Clarion County was the recipient of over $4 million in grants to expand manufacturing jobs and improve the county courthouse.  The grants came from Pennsylvania’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program. Two of the grants went to Fort Knox LLC to improve and increase the size of their manufacturing facility. The third grant of $900,000 is to improve the courthouse’s ventilation system and add a new backup power generator.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, announced a settlement with GrubHub over the company’s failure to be transparent with its fees and prices. GrubHub has agreed to donate $125,000 to various food banks across the state and make straightforward changes to its pricing. GrubHub’s settlement comes after the Office of Consumer Protection began investigating the company after customer complaints about hidden fees and prices being altered between the restaurants and GrubHub’s listings.
The Attorney General wants consumers to know several facts about GrubHub and other similar delivery platforms:
Items are often more expensive in delivery apps; extra charges may be added to items on top of the delivery fees. Fees are charged by delivery apps; aside from delivery fees some apps may include surge pricing, charge extra for small orders or heavy items, and other service fees. Restaurants pay commissions to delivery apps so consumers who want all their money to go to a restaurant or store should order and pickup directly from the restaurant.