News Live 365: November 2nd, 2022

A 70-year-old woman is dead after a single vehicle crash on Halloween. It’s reported that at about 2:15 PM on Monday Sheryl Devaul of Clarendon lost control of her vehicle on Route 6 in Erie County’s Union Township; her vehicle spun counterclockwise off the road and impacted a brick wall which sent her car airborne until it impacted a house. Sheryl was declared dead at the scene and was the only person harmed in the crash.

PennDOT is expecting a bridge that has been closed since May to reopen on Friday. The bridge on Route 6 near Corry Auto Auction in Wayne Township, Erie County, was closed due to storm damage, and a temporary river crossing was built nearby. Repair work on the bridge is expected to be finished on Friday after which the temporary structure will be dismantled and recycled.

Yesterday, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled State Department guidance on ballots is wrong and that next Tuesday on Election Day all improperly dated ballots must be segregated and retained, but not counted. Those voting by mail or absentee should be sure to check their dates and signatures are correct and closely follow the instructions included with their ballot. If you have already submitted a ballot and believe you may have made a mistake contact your county election office or call the PA Department of State’s Voter Hotline at (1-877)VOTESPA (1-877-968-3772).