News Live 365: October 21st, 2022

The Pennsylvania State Police have asked for the public’s assistance in investigating an Erie County Burglary. On Sunday, October 2nd, a break-in was discovered by the resident of a home on Old Wattsburg Road in Amity Township at about 11 o’clock at night. Thousands of dollars of items including food, power tools, and more were taken from the home within an hour of the discovery. A list of stolen items includes $1,200 worth of meats including steaks, sausages, and pork roasts and chops; three five-gallon kerosine cans; Craftsman brand 300 BTU kerosene space heater; Craftsman brand reciprocating saw with batteries and charger; Delta brand miter saw; Bostage brand tools including a framing gun, two roof nailing guns, brad nailing gun, finishing nail gun, grinder, and batteries and charger; more items were also stolen. Anyone with information should call (814)663-2043.

Pennsylvania’s State Senate unanimously advanced two bills that would increase medical coverage in the state in regard to breast cancer on Wednesday. Senate Bill 1330 if made law would require insurance companies to cover genetic testing for hereditary breast cancer without co-pays. Senate Bill 1225 is to enhance screenings for women with dense breast tissue that is more likely to become cancerous. Both bills have been sent for consideration in the state’s House of Representatives.