News Live 365: October 6th, 2022

The Pennsylvania State Police have released details on the September 21st arrest of Clay Geib who allegedly became dangerous due to an altered state of mind from drugs and alcohol. It’s reported that officers from PSP Franklin responded to a call just before 1AM on Wednesday, September 21st, to find Geib climbing on top of the female driver of a car, restraining her, and attempting to force her foot onto the gas pedal to drive away from what he imagined were people chasing them. Multiple officers had to physically remove Geib from the vehicle to make an arrest, as of press time he remains in Venango County Jail on multiple charges and is unable to make $25,000 in bail.

A new bill written by State Senator Lindsey Williams seeks to make cost free lunch and breakfast a permanent fixture of Pennsylvania Schools. Williams is the minority chair of the Pennsylvania Senate Education Committee, her Universal School Meals Bill would allocate $275 million of next year’s budget to education with the express purpose of funding school lunch programs and providing free breakfast and lunch at schools. On Monday, all Pennsylvania Schools began providing free of charge breakfast to all students for the remainder of this school year as part of an executive order.