News Live 365: August 25th, 2022

The Pennsylvania State Police released an incident report about a crash involving a semi tractor-trailer and an Amish horse and buggy in Mercer County. According to the crash scene investigators, the driver of a tanker truck which was hauling milk from dairy farms collided with the buggy shortly before 7:30 in the morning last Thursday. The buggy was hit in a shady area and the driver blamed the sun glaring off of the road surface for obscuring his view of the buggy. The buggy had only a single occupant, Joe Byler of Volant, who survived the crash, but complained of neck pain before being taken to a hospital; the report says he had full control of his extremities on the scene, but the extent of his injuries was unknown.

Philadelphia’s District Attorney Larry Krasner has reportedly failed to respond to a subpoena from the Pennsylvania House Select Committee on restoring Law & Order. Krasner’s office failed to turn in hundreds of documents subpoenaed by the committee earlier this month, including details on cases and about grand jury proceedings. Krasner characterized the committee as an attempt by Republicans who don’t even live within the city to change the result of an election that they did not like; calling it anti-democratic and a fishing operation to find grounds on which to impeach him.