News Live 365: August 11th, 2022

A scuffle after a Saturday night kart race in Seneca has resulted in two men being charged with harassment. When Joshua Terwilliger attempted to talk to a racer that had run him off the track he was allegedly shoved and dragged to the ground by Matthew Bernard and Zachary Wilson; Bernard and Wilson have both been charged with harassment after the event. The racetrack where the scuffle took place confirmed on social media that multiple people were banned for the season after the altercation and alleged thousands of dollars in damages were caused to equipment and parts.

Eric Edinger of Greenville was arrested last Thursday after allegedly threatening to murder a 21-year-old woman. Police say Edinger broke the victim’s air conditioner unit shortly after midnight and then called her an expletive and threatened to kill her with a gun he had at home; he also allegedly pushed the woman during the confrontation.

In State News, a former Lackawanna County ADA has been charged with promoting prostitution. Corey Kolcharno is accused of pressuring four women who were clients of or related to clients of his defense firm into performing sexual favors for him since 2018. He served as an Assistant District Attorney in Lackawanna County for six years from 2005 to 2011 and later became a defense attorney.