News Live 365: July 29, 2022

Six people were hospitalized after a four-vehicle crash in Crawford County’s Oil Creek Township earlier this month.  It was on Sunday, July, 17th when investigators say an ATV drove out onto the busy intersection of Route 8 and Oil Creek Road and precipitated an unavoidable crash which led to a chain reaction involving four vehicles being damaged or destroyed and six people taken to Titusville Hospital. The injured include the driver of the ATV and their passenger who were thrown from the vehicle after the initial impact.

Governor Tom Wolf has filed a lawsuit against the General Assembly with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, alleging that a proposed amendment to the PA Constitution violates the State Constitution as written. Governor Wolf’s suit is in response to a proposed amendment to the state constitution which says in part that the state recognizes no right to an abortion; he argues that the document enumerates a personal right to privacy and this proposal would violate that right. Governor Wolf is asking for an expedited decision from the court because the Secretary of State is bound to begin circulating information on amendments by Tuesday, August 2nd.