News Live 365: July 28th, 2022

In Erie County Police are investigating a gunshot that was fired in the Drive-thru line of a McDonald’s restaurant in Harborcreek. Shortly after 2:30 in the morning on Sunday, a single gunshot was fired from a white sedan; it passed through the car’s windshield and was never located. After the shot, the driver of the sedan drove off through the restaurant’s exit, crossed Buffalo Road, and sped away through a GetGo parking lot.

Customers of Pittsburgh based PNC Bank are being warned of a phishing scam targeting them. According to PNC, texts, automated calls, and e-mails are being directed to PNC customers that warn of unauthorized activity on their accounts and directs them to call an 888 number. These communications are not from PNC Bank and should be reported.

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has opened up a public comment session on its proposed e-bike policy which would allow them to be used on non-motorized trails. Visit to review the policy and submit an opinion.

The Pennsylvania State Police have updated the description of a missing woman. Candice Caffas is a 34-year-old woman with a developmental disorder and behaves much younger than she is. It is believed that Candice ran away from her home on Mt. Pleasant Road in Union Township, Crawford County late at night on Friday, July 15th, by climbing through a window and she was seen walking along that same road at about 10PM. Another witness possibly sighted Candace in Geneva walking toward Conneaut lake on Route 285. Candice is 4’9” inches tall and weighs only 95 pounds; she has dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and wears glasses; she was last seen wearing a purple t-shirt, purple and blue sneakers, and her description has been updated to correct that she was wearing orange shorts with a purple floral pattern.  Because of her condition, Candice is at special risk for harm or injury; if you have information about Candice call the Pennsylvania State Police in Meadville at (814)332-6911.