News Live 365: July 1st, 2022

This Independence Day weekend the Pennsylvania State Police as well as law enforcement across the state and the country would like to remind you that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs kills hundreds of Pennsylvanians every year and thousands around this country. This weekend law enforcement will be working to patrol the streets and highways while others celebrate, in search of those driving under the influence as well as aggressive drivers, speeders, and others who may instigate traffic accidents. DUI checkpoints will be set up in every county of the state; so if you drink this weekend be responsible, get a designated driver, use a transportation service, remain at home, or stay the night with a friend, but please don’t drink and drive.

No budget was passed this week by the Pennsylvania State Legislature, meaning new money cannot be appropriated for the various departments and services administered by the state. In the short term, most things will proceed normally as reserve money from last year’s budget is used as a stopgap measure to pay for employees and bills.