Newslive 365: June 30th, 2022

Andre Atwater was arrested by authorities in New Castle after allegedly stealing a truck from the pump area of a Mercer County gas station on June 25th. Atwater is a 27-year-old man that authorities say entered a truck that was unlocked, had the keys in the ignition, and was parked at the pump, and then drove away while its owner was paying for his purchase inside. Atwater was later found in Lawrence County with the truck as well as the firearms and the ATV that it contained.

A press conference about a June 25th shooting involving the Pennsylvania State Police and the City of Erie Police Department is scheduled to be held tomorrow at 10AM. The conference will be held at the Pennsylvania State Police Erie barracks and will feature command staff from both departments and representatives from the Erie County District Attorney.

By a vote of 114-86 the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Resolution 216 to form a select committee to investigate Philadelphia’s District Attorney. The Select Committee on Restoring Law and Order will consist of three Republicans and two Democrats with a fourth Republican as chair; they will be picked by House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff. Republicans in the legislature are accusing Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner of not enforcing state laws and allowing crime to run rampant in the city, they say he is derelict in his duty.
Meanwhile, with less than 24 hours to go before a shutdown of the Pennsylvania government, the legislature has not finalized a budget for the next fiscal year. The Republican controlled General Assembly has been fighting with Governor Tom Wolf, who submitted his budget proposals in February, over details in education spending, how to utilize about $10 billion in budget surplus, and the best use for leftover Coronavirus Relief funds. If a budget for fiscal year 2022–2023 does not pass before midnight tonight the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be unable to meet its financial obligations so would not be able to pay thousands of employees and could suffer a downgrade in its credit rating. The legislature has failed to pass a budget on time twice since Governor Wolf took office and has had to pass last-minute budgets with some regularity.