News Live 365: June 22nd, 2022

A fatal motorcycle crash took the life of a Union City man yesterday afternoon and closed a portion of Route 6 in Erie County. 76-year-old Henry Gruber struck a guardrail along Route 6 shortly after 1PM in Union Township and succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive. Route 6 was closed for about two hours while investigators, EMS, and the Erie County Coroner’s office did their work.

Crawford County Treasurer, Christine Krzysiak, was selected as an officer on the executive board of the County Treasurer’s Association of Pennsylvania. On June the 9th, she was sworn in as 1st Vice President of the organization and is the only member of the board representing Northwest Pennsylvania.

A poll of 500 Pennsylvania residents by Suffolk University of Boston and USA Today suggests that the economy is the number one concern for Pennsylvania voters. Other topics including gun control, and even inflation took a back burner to respondents. Clear majorities supported an increased minimum wage, the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults, and the right to an abortion.
26% of the poll’s respondents said that the economy is currently the number one issue for them in this coming election, while 16% and 10% called gun control and abortion rights their top issues. 85% of respondents supported a hike of the minimum wage in Pennsylvania, 14% said $9 an hour, 27% supported $12 an hour, 32% want it at $15 an hour and 12% called for at least $20 an hour. 65% supported the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use, and 58% were in favor of having a right to an abortion.
SU’s poll also indicates on the political front that 60% of Pennsylvania’s residents support an open primary which would allow independents to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary races; a near dead-heat of opinions on no excuse mail-in voting with 47% for, 43% against, and 10% undecided/indifferent – the percentage is within the poll’s margin of error of 4.4% meaning its essentially deadlocked. 59% of those who responded to the poll were confident in the security of Pennsylvania’s elections.