News Live 365: June 16th, 2022

A Franklin man had to be extracted by rescue workers after crashing his car in Crawford County. Last Thursday, June 9th, crash scene investigators say Christopher McCann fell asleep while driving along Route 98 through Cussewago Township shortly before 7AM. McCann’s vehicle swerved into the opposing lane, barely missed another vehicle, and then plunged into a ravine where it collided with a tree and continued for some distance. The driver had to be extracted with the jaws of life.

As long as weather permits, the 32nd annual Thurston Classic begins tonight at 9PM with the Joyce Stevens’ Night Glow. During the night glow participants in this year’s event will gather with Neptuno the Seahorse at The Allegheny College Robertson Athletic Complex to inflate their tethered balloons and appear as giant multicolored light bulbs.

Pennsylvania’s Senate Government Committee recently approved two bills to sanction Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. HB2446 is to divest Pennsylvania Treasury assets from Russian and Belarusian companies, and SB1203 prohibits giving state contracts to companies that do business with Russia. Pennsylvania’s State Treasurer, Stacy Garity, says that the commonwealth has already divested all of its money from pension and state treasury funds away from Russia under the request of the Governor; she also added that the state should be entirely divested from China by the end of this week and that she supports the passage of HB2446 to create a more permanent and formal policy of Russian divestment. SB1203 would exclude any company that does business with Russia or Belarus from receiving any grants, contracts, or tax breaks within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.