News Live 365: June 13th, 2022

Authorities in Crawford County are investigating a theft from a vehicle near Cochranton. According to investigators two credit cards and a social security card were stolen from inside a vehicle on Stizerville road in Wayne Township between 8:30PM on Thursday, June 9th, and 5:30AM on Friday, June 10th. Anyone who may have information should call the Pennsylvania State Police in Meadville at (814)332-6911. Thefts from vehicles are almost always crimes of opportunity and it is advisable to always lock your doors and windows when a vehicle is left unattended.

According to PennDOT Route 18 in Erie County will remain closed south of Albion while work to complete a pipe replacement is finished sometime this week. You can find a schedule for all PennDOT road work for Forest, Mercer, Erie, Warren, Crawford, and Venango Counties under the Construction Projects/Roadwork tab at

Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture has added Mercer County to the list of 26 locations where rabies has been detected this year. Two bats found in March were confirmed to be carrying the disease after testing. More information can be obtained through the PA departments of Wildlife or Agriculture.

Ben Kightlinger of Meadville was arrested as he allegedly attempted to rob a coin-operated car wash. Police say that the 25-year-old was caught in the act as he attempted to break into a coin machine of a wash in Meadville shortly before 3:30 on the morning of Friday, June 10th; he took off on foot but was quickly apprehended.

Last week through unanimous consent the Pennsylvania State House voted to approve a measure that would remove every instance of the word homosexuality from the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Supporters and many democratic lawmakers say this is a big step to ending LGBTQ discrimination by the state, but more needs to be done.

Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, announced charges against an oil and gas drilling company on Friday. According to the AGs Environmental Crimes Section, Greylock Production LLC, formerly Energy Corporation of America, and two of their higher-level employees, deliberately allowed contaminants from fracking operations to escape into the soil and groundwater of Greene and Clearfield Counties.