Republican Congressman Scott Perry has been mentioned at a hearing Thursday night that’s investigating the attacks on the U.S. Capitol.  Representative Liz Cheney talked about the congressman’s role in attempting to get Jeffrey Clark, to be appointed as attorney general. Cheney says Representative Perry contacted the White House in the weeks after January 6th to seek a presidential pardon for him. A spokesman for Perry’s office says the committee’s work ” is a sham.”   

An Ohio woman recently pleaded guilty to charges stemming from an incident in which police said she caused the death of a Lawrence County Jail corrections officer. According to the Ellwood City Ledger 27 year old Alexandria Morales of Hubbard, pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated vehicular homicide and two counts of operating Lawrence County Jail. Morales is awaiting sentencing.

Police in Beaver County are investigating reports of an elderly woman trying to lure young boys into her vehicle.  Authorities say several children have told parents about the woman offering them cookies to ride with her to the grocery store.  The first incident happened on May 27 when she stopped along a street in Rochester Township, in a black SUV, to talk to a nine-year-old boy.  Police say they believe the same woman was driving a silver SUV during a similar interaction on June fourth.

 The Lawrence County Department of Planning and Community Development is receiving $300,000 for a countywide blight removal program. According to a press release, the  program would identify tipping-point neighborhoods, which are areas where public intervention has the potential to bring investments back to the area. The Redevelopment Authority of Lawrence County is getting $250,000 to help with the Countywide Housing Rehabilitation and Blight Removal Program.

Pennsylvania U.S. Senator Pat Toomey says he may try again to introduce a bill in the Senate that would expand background checks for gun buyers.  It’s been 10 years since he first introduced the measure, along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, to expand background checks to all commercial sales. They didn’t have the votes then, but Toomey says they may find them now

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has handed down a unanimous decision deeming so-called spot assessments of real estate properties unconstitutional. It also says the practice is unfair to commercial property owners. Pennsylvania’s uniformity clause states taxes should be the same  across all property types and that a property type, such as office, industrial or apartment, can’t be singled out.

a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Morales is charged with running over and killing Amanda Markowitz in the early morning hours of Aug. 27 in Liberty Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. Markowitz was a correctional officer at the

An Allegheny County man accused of attempting to kidnap a nine-year-old girl in Coraopolis is pleading guilty.  Prosecutors say William Gorring grabbed the child while she was waiting for the bus in January, but she was able to get away from him.  A judge has sentenced Gorring to at least four-and-a-half years in prison.  He will also be required to register as a sex offender.

The state Senate has passed a bill which addresses water quality in Pennsylvania.  The bill’s prime sponsor says it would establish the Water Quality Accountability Act to ensure all Pennsylvanians have access to quality water and that providers are properly caring for the system’s infrastructure. But opponents say the bill is another unfunded mandate which would lead to a significant increase in consumer rates. The bill passed the Senate on a 27 to 23 vote and now goes to the House.