News Live 365: June 9th, 2022

A 68-year-old man was airlifted to a Pittsburgh hospital after a collision in Venango County’s Richmond township. Crash scene investigators from the Pennsylvania State Police say that on Friday, June 4th, 18-year-old Allen Wolfe of Saint Petersburg was pulling out from a driveway and made contact with the victim’s motorcycle which caused the older man to lose control and crash his bike. Wolfe pulled into a nearby yard to call 911 and the victim had to be airlifted from a nearby area.

In one week it’s the return of the Thurston Classic. The 32nd annual classic will have its full schedule of events including the Joyce Steven’s Night Glow on Thursday night, the newly re-christened Ted Watts Tribute Hare and Hound Race on Friday, and three sanctioned races between Saturday and Sunday. This year’s special guest balloon is Neptuno the Seahorse, a massive 130-foot-tall balloon shaped like a seahorse. Visit or call the Crawford County Visitors Bureau at (1-800)332-2338 for more information.

The Pennsylvania State Senate Confirmed Patrick Cicero as Pennsylvania’s Consumer Advocate yesterday.  Mr. Cicero is the first Consumer Advocate to be confirmed in nearly 10 years and has been acting in the capacity of the office since December 2021. In Pennsylvania the Consumer Advocate is nominated by the Attorney General and works as part of the AG’s office; he represents consumers before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, state and federal courts, and federal regulatory bodies.