News Live 365: June 8th, 2022

A man was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash on the eastbound lane of Interstate 90, Sunday evening. Crash scene investigators say that witnesses saw 23-year-old Alexander Coppella drive his motorcycle into the back of a tractor-trailer that was waiting for traffic while entering a work zone near mile marker three in Springfield Township. Coppella seemed distracted by something when he failed to notice traffic slowing down to change lanes and rode his bike directly into the truck at highway speeds.

Victims of crime and advocates for reform rallied at the state capitol yesterday in an effort to urge lawmakers to pass the Safer PA Act. The Safer PA Act is a series of bills introduced about a year ago to bring a number of new policies and laws to help victims of crime recover from their ordeals. Many victims of crime suffer major financial and property losses that can lead to further complications in the near future such as job loss and even homelessness or they may no longer feel safe in their homes; the Safer PA Act would create programs to expand victim compensation, protect their jobs, and relocation assistance for people who need safer housing.

Both Pennsylvania’s House and Senate have recently passed their own versions of bills that would prohibit trans athletes from participating in school sporting events; Governor Tom Wolf has promised a veto of either bill if it reaches his desk.