News Live 365: June 7th, 2022

A commercial vehicle crash shut down a portion of Interstate 90 in Erie County for several hours yesterday. The eastbound lane of I-90 was closed from Exit 3 to Exit 6 and the westbound lane was restricted after a tractor-trailer struck a cement barrier in a construction zone. The cleaning of debris and replacing the damaged and moved barriers kept the area closed for about four hours from 11:30AM to 3:15PM. No injuries were reported among the truck driver or work crew.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection to a weekend gun battle that turned into a mass shooting in Philadelphia. 18-year-old Quaran Garner and 34-year-old Sharaan Vareen are now in custody and being charged in connection with the shooting. According to authorities in Philadelphia, Vareen and Garner were both involved in the event along with two of the casualties, Gregory Jackson who is now deceased, and Micah Towns who is hospitalized.
An altercation between Jackson and Vareen with Towns escalated into an exchange of gunfire when Jackson, who possessed a concealed carry permit, pulled out his pistol and began firing at Towns who responded by drawing his own CCP weapon and returning fire. Quaran Garner is a friend of Towns who drew his weapon and fired across the street at Jackson and then turned his weapon toward police officers who shot him in the hand in response. 11 innocent bystanders were injured and two others were killed in a matter of seconds as the men exchanged gunfire.