News Live 365: June 6th, 2022

PennDOT’s scheduled road maintenance this week involves plans for installing a new box culvert on Little Cooley Road in Athens Township where it crosses Little Federal Run two miles away from the intersection with Route 77. PennDOT’s weekly maintenance schedules for Warren, Erie, Forest, Crawford, Venango, and Mercer counties can be found online at under the heading ‘Maintenance and Traffic Bulletins’; Clarion County is in District 10.

In State news, David McCormick conceded the Republican Senate Primary Race to Dr. Mehmet Oz on Friday.  A recount of the election was ongoing after the initial count in May showed Oz leading by less than a thousand votes; the recount was not expected to be complete until Wednesday. McCormick threw in the towel after losing a court battle over undated ballots.

On Capitol Hill Governor Tom Wolf is still urging legislators to use unspent American Rescue Plan funds to give a capital injection to Pennsylvania residents. Governor Wolf has proposed using about $700 million of the remaining funds to give $2,000 stimulus payments to some families and a one-time bonus to disabled and elderly Pennsylvanians who qualify for the Property Tax/Rent rebate program.