News Live 365: May 27th, 2022

A man is dead and another in custody following a crash at the intersection of Plank and Irish Road in Crawford County’s Venango Township. Crash scene investigators say that at about 4:30 on the afternoon of Thursday, May 26th, 42-year-old David Smith of Waterford was driving under the influence when they made a left turn and then collided head on with motorcyclist Steven Risjan of Meadville. Steven suffered fatal injuries when he was ejected from his bike.

This station has received multiple notifications from several law enforcement agencies that seatbelt enforcement, DUI checkpoints, and speed traps will be set up throughout Memorial Day weekend. Enforcement of speeds and searching for impaired drivers is often stepped up on holiday weekends to protect travelers and revelers. AAA expects 1.4 million Pennsylvania residents to travel for Memorial Day; please wear your seatbelts, do not drink and drive, obey speed limits, and have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

In Mercer County the Pennsylvania State Police have finally solved a 42-year-old murder cold case. Through the use of DNA, forensic genealogy, and old fashioned detective work authorities were finally able to solve the following case:
In 1980 the burning remains of a man were discovered in Wolf Creek Township near Interstate 80 and 70% of the man’s body was covered in third-degree burns so he could not be identified. 39 years later in 2019 investigators were able to use DNA to identify the body as that of Edwin Rodriguez who was heading to Florida from Chicago Illinois with his friend Nestor Quintanal. Three years later on Wednesday Mercer County District Attorney Peter Acker advised that charges for Edwin’s homicide would have been filed against Quintanal if he had not died in 2002. The remains of Edwin Rodriguez have been returned to his family and the case is now closed.

In Southeastern Pennsylvania authorities are investigating an explosion in Pottstown that destroyed a house and killed four people. Two others were injured and at least 60 more evacuated after the explosion rocked the neighborhood at about 8PM last night. Pottstown Area schools are closed as a precaution and the ATF is aiding local authorities.