News Live 365: May 5th, 2022

Authorities in Mercer County released details on the arrest of Varick Vanestendael, a 46 year old man who surrendered to police after a nine hour standoff on Tuesday. Shortly after midnight on Monday night Vanestendael allegedly forced the car of an acquaintance of his to the side of the road and stabbed him three times in an unprovoked attack. The victim was the 26 year old son of one of Vanestendael’s friends and was able to identify his attacker before he was hospitalized and eventually flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh for emergency treatments.
The Pennsylvania State Police found Vanestendael at home, but he refused to open his door which initiated a standoff that lasted late into Tuesday morning until he finally surrendered. Varick Vanestendael admitted to the stabbing while being interrogated and is lodged at Mercer County Jail on $100,000 bail. At press time his victim was listed as in critical, but stable condition with wounds to the front and back of his abdomen which caused internal bleeding and a punctured lung.

According to Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Josh Shapiro, around 158,000 Pennsylvania residents will be receiving restitution as part of a $141 million settlement with Intuit, the company that owns TurboTax. Intuit used deceptive marketing practices to convince customers using their tax filing software to pay for features that were offered as free; it also hid their partnered IRS Free File product from search engine results to direct customers that were otherwise qualified away from it to their more expensive products.
The settlement requires Intuit to reform their business practices and pay fines as well as restitution to each individual harmed by their illegal business strategy.  As part of its agreement Intuit has agreed to make direct payments to each individual impacted by their illegal manipulation between 2016 and 2018 of around $30 for each year they were affected.