News Live 365: May 3rd, 2022

Glenn Jubeck of St. Petersburg, Pennsylvania has been charged with hit and run and summary offenses after a crash on Big Bend Road in Venango County’s Scrubgrass Township. According to witnesses and crash scene investigators it was shortly after 5:30 Saturday morning when Jubeck drove his Ford Fusion over the side of the road at a 90 degree turn without making any attempt to turn his vehicle and plunged down a steep hill into a tree some 30 feet below the roadway. Authorities allege Jubeck then fled the scene on foot despite being injured.

In State News: A former Philadelphia Police Officer has been charged with murder after the death of a 12 year old boy. On Monday it was revealed that a grand jury charged Edsaul Mendoza with 1st and 3rd degree murder after fatally shooting 12 year old TJ Sidero from behind on March 1st. Mendoza and another officer pursued Sidero and a 17 year old boy with him after someone fired a shot into their unmarked cruiser; it is said that he shot Sidero twice from behind while the boy lay on the ground and was not armed. Edsaul Mendoza turned himself in on Sunday and was denied bail during a preliminary hearing on Monday.