News Live 365: April 27th, 2022

Around 700 employees for National Fuel Gas in Northwest Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York may strike after a breakdown in contract negotiations between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and National Fuel earlier this month. The contract between IBEW and NFG ended on April 13th, and after members of the Union Chapter Local 2154 rejected an offer they claim National Fuel has attempted to unilaterally impose the terms of the rejected work contract. Complaints from Local 2154 include lower pay and worse terms of employment than other Union Employees of National Fuel Gas; according to information provided by IBEW Local 2154 National Fuel employees in Northwest Pennsylvania and Southwest New York are making 20% less than other employees with the same job and experience. Members are voting on whether to strike and results should be known by Friday evening. A representative from National Fuel Gas could not be reached for comment.

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza is confirmed in commercial poultry operations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and has affected farms in Lancaster county. Cases of the virus have been detected in wild birds in Northwest Pennsylvania and the Department of Agriculture recommends backyard poultry keepers remove any feeders, baths, and houses that attract wild birds. Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza is spread through contact with the feces of infected animals and is incurable; Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture recommends depopulation as the only way to stop the spread of the virus once it reaches farmed poultry. For more information on Avian Influenza visit the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.