News Live 365: April 8th, 2022

Erie County Authorities report the death of a child in an ATV accident on Thursday afternoon. Significant rainfall is believed to have contributed to an accident on private property where a young man driving an ATV lost control and rolled his vehicle an unknown number of times then became trapped between the ATV and a tree. Emergency responders were unable to resuscitate the victim.

Springtime brings about another season of spotted lanternfly hatching and Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Agriculture, Russel Redding, is urging residents to watch out for the invasive species’s egg clutches and destroy them. Lanternfly egg clutches look like wood putty or dried gum and their nymphs look similar to black weevils with white spots, but slowly gain red coloring as they grow. This year 11 counties, including Mercer County, have been added to the growing quarantine zone related to these invasive agricultural pests.

The teen suspect of a shooting at Erie High School is expected in court today. The boy is younger than 15 years old and turned himself in to police on Wednesday morning. It’s alleged that he shot another boy in the hallway of Erie High School early Tuesday morning in a targeted attack and faces charges that include attempted murder. The victim of the attack is expected to recover.