Chippewa Police are reporting an alert was sent to all of Beaver County due to a programming error.  The department sent the text message yesterday to inform nearby residents that officers were on the scene of an incident involving a barricaded man.  The message instead went to all cell phones in the county asking people to lock their doors and remain inside.  Police say they were able to eventually take the barricaded suspect into custody.

Some Pennsylvania Republicans have withdrawn their legal challenge to the recent selection of a new congressional map. State officials confirm the case was withdrawn without prejudice last week. Those challenging the “Carter Plan” map chosen by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania last month had argued that any state supreme court does not have the power to select a congressional map.

State police in Mercer County arrested a Jamestown woman following an incident that took place on Saturday. 29 year old Brandi Smith faces charges following a domestic dispute in Sandy Lake Township that took place inside a vehicle. Police said Smith struck one of the victims in the face fracturing the victim’s nose. She also attempted to grab the steering wheel on several occasions with three young children inside the vehicle. Smith was taken to the Mercer County Jail.

Senator Pat Toomey says he will not vote to confirm U.S. Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.  The Pennsylvania Republican met with her Friday in his office and said Jackson was smart with an impressive academic and professional background. But he says he also remains concerned about whether she could serve as a neutral party in upholding the Constitution.  The Senate is expected to vote on her confirmation this week.

Governor Tom Wolf is calling for support for a Lebanon City Police Officer who was killed in the line of duty on Thursday.  Wolf released a statement saying the commonwealth leadership  is thinking about the tragic loss of Lebanon City Police Lieutenant William Lebo who was one month away from retirement.  Officials say the 63-year-old was investigating a domestic disturbance when he was fatally shot by 34-year-old Travis Shaud, who was also killed in the exchange.  Two other officers  also were wounded during the shooting.

Western Pennsylvania residents and others around the state who have fallen behind on utility bills could now be subject to service disconnects.  A moratorium on disconnections expired Friday but authorities do not permit disconnects on Fridays, so today is the first day that impacted residents could see shut-offs.  Utility companies around the state say that tens of thousands of residents could possibly face disconnections.

Lottery players in Western Pennsylvania will have another chance tonight to win the growing Powerball jackpot.  There were no jackpot winners in Saturday’s drawing meaning tonight’s top prize is an estimated 231-million dollars.  The odds of winning that big prize are one in more than 292-million.  Winning numbers will be drawn just before 11 p.m.

Carnegie Mellon project leaders are building an operations hub for the school’s upcoming lunar missions.  The Moonshot Command Center is being constructed at the university’s  School of Computer Science.  A team is working on the control system in conjunction with the launch of their Iris moon rover later this year.  Iris will be the first vehicle built by a university to land on the moon.

The state Senate Transportation Committee will hear public comment on parking near bike lanes Monday.  Under current law, a vehicle needs to park along a roadway within 12 inches of the curb.  The Vehicle Code does not provide an allowance for parking next to bike lanes and House Bill 140 would change that.  It’s sponsored by Rep. David Maloney Senior of Berks County.