News Live 365: February 25th, 2022

In State News, Theodore Johnson, the Chairman of The Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole, told state senators that they need to fill vacancies on his board. Johnson related that there will be four vacancies on the nine member panel by June and if the Senate does not move to approve or reapprove new members it would lead to a backlog on 250 probation decisions per missing member.

An Oil City parolee was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police in Venango County when he was found to be in possession of multiple weapons and body armor. 36 year old Charles Motter was arrested after telling his parole officer that he had a spring loaded knife in his car, his agent did a vehicle search and discovered two handguns, body armor, and numerous magazines of ammunition – he called the State Police.

A 60 year old Meadville man was arrested in Crawford County for drug possession with intent to sell after being stopped for an expired registration. When the unidentified man was pulled over by police for an expired tag an officer noticed an unusual number of baggies in his vehicle, a search revealed 30 individual packages containing suspected crack cocaine as well as marjiuana and methamphetamine.

Governor Tom Wolf recently made a pitch for using some of the $2 billion of unspent COVID-19 relief money by putting about a quarter of the money toward helping families pay for childcare, education, and basic household expenses. He said that if the Republican controlled legislature doesn’t like his plan they should come up with one of their own.