News Live 365: February 15th, 2022

Erie County Authorities are investigating a fatal collision of a vehicle and a pedestrian in Girard Township. 85 year old Nancy Adams succumbed to injuries sustained on Friday, February 10th when she was hit by an SUV while crossing Middle Road after retrieving her mail. According to crash scene investigators she dashed across the road into the path of the incoming vehicle which swerved to avoid her, but she was hit by the driver’s side mirror at approximately 45 miles per hour.

PennDOT announced that all driver’s license and photo centers will be closed on Saturday February, 19th and Monday February, 21st for President’s Day. Most PennDOT services including renewal of a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and more can be accessed online using

The Pennsylvania State Police closed one of the oldest active cold cases in the United States last week by solving the 58 year old death of a child named Marise Chivarella. The 9 year old Marise’s body was discovered in Hazleton, Pennsylvania in 1964 and the case had been unsolved ever since until DNA evidence revealed her killer to be James Forte who died of natural causes in 1980.