News Live 365: February 14th, 2022

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the theft of an antique tractor from a property on Spring Road in Beaver Township, Crawford County. The tractor is a 1949 Farmall Lo-Boy that was parked about 75 feet from the road, and was stolen at some point after the snow storm on January 17th and before January 31st. The tractor is inoperable, red in color, missing a seat and many other parts, and was dragged in a southerly direction, leaving tire marks on the road. Call (814)332-6911 if you have information about this incident.

Pennsylvania is home to more than 23,000 completely electric cars and trucks with the number almost doubling every two years. PennDOT plans to invest heavily in infrastructure for electric vehicles in the future. According to Deputy PennDOT Secretary Melissa Batula the recently passed federal infrastructure law will furnish $171 million over 5 years and that a portion of the $2.5 billion in discretionary funds will also be invested in that direction.