News Live 365: February 3rd, 2022

The weather is today’s top story. The National Weather Service has issued a series of storm warnings affecting all of Western Pennsylvania, projecting at minimum 6 inches of snow to fall by Friday morning and some places may see double that amount; Operation Weather Alert on our website has specific details for each area including dozens of closings and delays for schools and organizations. PennDOT expects that by  this evening there will be Tier 1 restrictions on most or all of Interstate Highways in our region; Tier 1 restrictions prevent any non commercial vehicle from towing a trailer and severely limit which commercial vehicles can use the highway; they also restrict recreational vehicles, buses, and motorcycles. Meadville’s Office of the City Manager has asked residents to remove any parked vehicles from the road if possible and to do their best to maintain sidewalks and clear snow around fire hydrants, good advice for anyone living in one of our more urban areas.