News Live 365: January 25th, 2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services has issued a warning about a new phishing scam targeting recipients of SNAP benefits. The new scam involves an unknown person or persons texting individuals to tell them their EBT cards have been frozen and then pressing the victims for personal information. The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services does not send alerts about EBT nor ask personal details through text messages, delete and do not reply to these messages. If you have fallen victim to such a scam contact the Office of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Conneaut School District was the recipient of a $32,500 targeted grant from Safe Schools. Safe Schools grants are from the Pennsylvania Department of Education; the money is earmarked for maintaining school police officers. 

By another party line vote the Pennsylvania State Senate passed the electoral map drawn by a resident of Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf has threatened a veto of the map, saying his party was almost entirely excluded from the redistricting process. The Democrats submitted two maps of their own that were never given a vote in committees; if Wolf vetoes the legislature’s map it may become a fight in the courts. Republicans are saying they’ve led the most transparent congressional redistricting process in Pennsylvania’s history.