A witness to a Tuesday night shooting outside a Butler County mall says the incident is one of self-defense.  Twenty-four-year-old Carlos Carril is facing attempted homicide and aggravated assaulted charges for the Tuesday night shooting outside the Clearview Mall that left three people injured.  The witness says that she and another woman were in a vehicle with Carril when three people approached their car and that when two of them pulled out guns, Carril fired to defend their group.  He is being held on 200-thousand dollars bond. 

A Lawrence County man has been sentenced for fentanyl conspiracy and fraud in federal court. 31 year old Jerell Huddleston was sentenced to time served along with six years of supervised release following his conviction for distributing fentanyl, conspiring to possess with intent to distribute and distribute fentanyl, and conspiring to commit mail fraud against the United States. United States Attorney Cindy K. Chung announced the sentence yesterday.

The former head of a Beaver County credit union is headed to federal prison.  Stacey Shaw embezzled more than two-million dollars over a nearly three-year period by opening multiple credit card account under the IBEW credit union’s name and using them for cash withdraws and personal purchases.  Shaw pleaded guilty to charges in the case last year and on Wednesday was sentenced to more than four years in prison.

State lawmakers have put a bill in front of Governor Tom Wolf that would impact the handling of missing persons cases in the commonwealth.  If signed into law, state police would be required to enter DNA profiles of all missing individuals into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.  Profiles would also be entered when unidentified bodies are discovered.  Ten states currently have similar laws on the books.

Students at Ambridge Area High School and Ambridge Middle School are moving to remote learning for one week.  This morning, Superintendent Joseph Pasquerilla announced that the move comes after a rise in COVID-19 cases and a recommendation from the state Department of Health.  All students will learn virtually, and all extracurricular activities are canceled during the closure.  In-person learning is expected to resume on January 26th.

Pennsylvanians can now sign up to receive free COVID-19 tests masks from the federal government.  On Wednesday, the U.S. Postal Service launched a website where residents nationwide can request four tests sent to their home address by the end of the month.  To sign-up to receive the tests, visit Special-dot-USPS-dot-com-backslash-test-kits.  The Biden Administration is also sending 400-million N95 masks to community centers and pharmacies to become available next week.  

The federal government is stepping up to provide funding for repairs to the Montgomery Lock.  Officials yesterday announced that more than 850-million dollars have been set aside for upgrades to the Beaver County structure spanning the Ohio River.  Senator Bob Casey calls the funding an unprecedented investment.

State Treasurer Stacy Garrity says there’s a lot of money in the unclaimed properties fund.  She announced that 135-million-dollars came into the fund during this past year alone.  Overall, the fund contains more than four-billion-dollars.  She encourages everyone to visit the state treasury website to see if they have any unclaimed property waiting to be returned.  The Treasury has a dedicated unclaimed property database to help reunite veterans and their families with military decorations and memorabilia.  Military decorations and memorabilia are never auctioned and remain in the vault for safekeeping until a veteran or their family is found.

A man who left two young children in the car while he gambled at the LIVE! Casino Pittsburgh last year is among four individuals just added to a list of people banned from visiting all Pennsylvania gaming venues.  The man left the children, ages 1 and 3, inside his vehicle while he pursued Lady Luck at the casino.  Witnesses saw the kids in the car and reported the incident to security.  All four individuals added to the ban list yesterday had engaged in similar offenses.  The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board yesterday called their behavior irresponsible and dangerous.