News Live 365: January 18th, 2022

A superload will be making its way through our region starting today. The load weighs 294 tons and is 213 feet long traveling from West Milton, New York to Wampum, Pennsylvania.  The slow moving convoy of vehicles will not exceed 30 miles per hour and mainly travels at night; it will enter our region via Route 66 in Forest County and make its way through Clarion County and into Venango County using Route 322 and is scheduled to remain in our area for two or three days. The superload’s travel will cause road closings and traffic delays ahead of its route and take up both lanes of traffic and it can be impacted by travel conditions and winter weather. PennDOT has posted a full Superload Travel Plan online and the progress of the convoy can also be monitored by checking the #PAsuperload22 hashtag or following PennDOT on Twitter.

Drive through COVID-19 testing opens up once again at the Crawford County Fairgrounds today. It is cost free, does not require an appointment, and runs from 9AM to 6PM all week long today through Friday and until 2PM on Saturday. Please drive through gate 1 and follow the instructions you will be provided.