News Live 365: January 11th, 2021

Authorities in Crawford County released details on the arrest of a 19 year old Springboro resident that faces multiple charges for assault from an incident that started on Christmas Day. The arrestee, whose name has been redacted and is identified as gender neutral, allegedly physically assaulted their mother on Christmas Day by striking her in the face multiple times. They are also accused of resisting arrest, disorderly behavior, and attempting to assault officers at Crawford County Jail.

While opioids reign supreme as Pennsylvania’s biggest addiction problem, the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs is also set to target the commonwealth’s second largest addiction problem, stimulants, with an anti-stigma campaign. According to DDAP Secretary Jennifer Smith stimulant abuse is steadily increasing to the point where it accounts for 1 in 4 calls to the “Get Help Now” line. The Anti-Stigma campaign will focus on reducing the negative stereotypes surrounding addiction and reaching out to addicts who want help regaining control of their lives. Pennsylvania’s Get Help Now line is (1-800)662-HELP (4357).

Authorities have confirmed that one man is dead after a shale mine collapsed near the border of West Virginia in Southwestern Pennsylvania. 49 year old David Hayden was killed during the collapse which happened on the afternoon of Friday January 7th, but a cause of death was not made public. The Federal Mine Safety and Health Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Health are both working to determine the cause of the collapse.