News Live 365: Monday, January 10th

Authorities in Venango County reported details on the arrest of 27 year old Rachel Huff of Polk back in December 2021. Charges of assault by physical menace and reckless endangerment of another person were filed against Huff from December 9th when she allegedly fired one shot from a .38 special revolver at a victim who was delivering papers. An argument started between the two of them when the delivery driver encountered Huff with a disabled vehicle alongside the road.

Political experts are expecting multiple candidates to begin declaring their intent to run as Lt. Governor in the coming weeks. So far the Lt. Governor race has been very quiet, but with a crowded republican gubernatorial primary it seems likely that many prospective candidates will line up for the second seat as well. In Pennsylvania Lt. Governors are elected in a separate election race during the primary and then run on the same ticket as their party’s candidate for governor.

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is live this year, compared to last year’s largely virtual event. This year’s opening ceremony was held outdoors on Saturday as a COVID-19 mitigation measure and the show itself runs through this Friday on the 15th. This year’s butter statue was created by the husband and wife team of Marie Pelton and Jim Victor; entitled “Harvesting More” it depicts rural and urban Pennsylvanian’s toasting each other with glasses of milk.