News Live 365: January 4th, 2022

The Pennsylvania State Police have named two suspects in the attempted murder of Juleus Windham in North East Township, Erie County, December 2021. One suspect, Dreshaun Demil Jordan was apprehended in Jamestown New York after a short pursuit. The second suspect is Mark Randle Smith, a 32 year old non hispanic Black Male from Erie who is considered to be armed and dangerous; anybody with information on his whereabouts should call the Pennsylvania State Police in Erie at (814)898-1641.

Jaime Kinder was sworn in on Monday as Meadville’s first woman and first black mayor, replacing Leroy Stearns whom she defeated in the Democratic Primary. Mayor Kinder prevailed against a strong write-in campaign by candidate Marcy Kantz and received about a third of her votes through the mail.

New Year’s Day started out with a loud and mysterious bang for many Pittsburgh Area Residents. The National Weather service has confirmed that the sound was caused by a meteor from space exploding in the atmosphere and one of their weather satellites recorded the event. The explosion happened in the upper atmosphere and was the equivalent of 30 tons of TNT, but high enough that it was incapable of causing any damage.