News Live 365: December 22nd, 2021

On Monday, Samuel Hummel of North East was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, disregarding traffic lanes, causing an accident involving damage to unattended vehicles or property, failing to notify police of an accident, and more. Police were called when Hummel dropped a 6 year old child off at school on Monday morning who was covered in glass and bleeding from lacerations; the school’s principal related that there was extensive damage to the windshield of Hummel’s vehicle. It was discovered he and the child had been involved in a car crash and fled the scene.

The National Weather Service forecasts a winter of mild temperatures and above average amounts of rain and snow as has been the case for most of the month of December. Yesterday was the first official day of winter and the year is dominated in the Pacific by what they call a La Nina weather pattern, which should cause mild, but wet weather, punctuated by short and sudden cold snaps this year. Today’s weather will be windy and cold with the possibility for up to an inch of snow to fall between noon and 8PM today.

Pennsylvania’s Agrilink Program which provides low interest loans to farms and farmers to support best management practices reopened on Monday. Visit for more information.