News Live 365: December 14th, 2021

A 71 year old Erie man has been charged with open lewdness, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct after confessing to police that he defecated on the floor of a thrift store. Stephen Paul Saxton admitted to police that he snuck into the employee’s only area of Goodwill in Summit Township to relieve himself on the floor there at least twice, once in September, and again on December 6th when he was witnessed entering the back room. After defecating he would pretend to shop around the store until an employee discovered it. Employees of the store were able to get his vehicle license plate which led to his arrest and confession.

Last Thursday a preliminary map for Pennsylvania’s new congressional districts was introduced to the state legislature. Instead of being drawn by a committee of lawmakers, this map is unique in that it was drawn from suggestions by Pennsylvania residents who submitted their maps online. Pennsylvania lost one seat in the House of Representatives due to slower population growth than other states. The proposed map can be viewed online at