News Live 365: November 18th and 19th, 2021

Last week in Mercer County the Pennsylvania State Police arrested a New York man after discovering 90 pounds of marijuana inside his vehicle. Andrew Bae of Elmhurst New York was arrested on Monday November 8th along Interstate 80 in Wolf Creek Township after the marijuana was discovered during a routine traffic stop. The vehicle was a brand new Nissan Altima with California plates.

Also in Mercer County a landslide has caused PennDOT to close a portion of Rutledge Road in South Pymatuning Township. The section of road near the intersection of Carlisle Road had previously been reduced to a single lane after a storm caused severe damage over the summer and is now closed to through traffic. A detour has been posted using Carlisle and Summit Roads.

Per ESPN: Ron Burkle and Mario Lemieux are reportedly in talks to sell the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey franchise to Boston Red Sox owner John Henry. John Henry is the principal owner of Fenway Sports Group which also controls racing and soccer teams. As part of the deal that is being discussed Mario Lemieux would retain a portion of his ownership stake in the franchise.

A 21 year old Gibsonia woman is charged with reckless driving and a Corsica man had to be flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh after a car crash in the city of Clarion. Crash scene investigators say that Cheyanne Rosenburg was traveling south on 5th Avenue when she attempted a left turn onto Bauer Road without yielding to oncoming traffic and caused a near head-on collision that injured three out of four occupants of the other vehicle. A 57 year old man involved in the crash was later airlifted from Clarion Hospital to Allegheny General in Pittsburgh. 

Frozen vials that may contain smallpox were discovered in a research laboratory outside of Philadelphia yesterday. More than a dozen vials labeled as smallpox found in a laboratory run by Merck are now in the possession of the US Centers for Disease Control which plans to run tests to identify the substance. The CDC says the worker who discovered the vials was wearing appropriate protective gear and all the bottles and their contents were intact so there was no danger.

Yesterday a judge in Allegheny County Court ordered that 285 homes that are the focus of a legal battle between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Vision Property Management be immediately given to their residents. Vision has been locked in a nearly two year long legal battle with the state over allegations that the property company has violated multiple federal and state laws by its business model. More than 650 current and former Vision customers allegedly were tricked into signing contracts with a lease with option to purchase, or agreement for deed, or other clauses, and paid exorbitant prices for homes that failed to meet the legal standard for livable in Pennsylvania.  Homes sold by Vision were reportedly in various states of extreme disrepair that the rent to own contracts signed by residents required them to fix at their own expense. Other consumers were tricked into contracts that provided no ownership rights and many were evicted from homes they thought they owned if they missed even a single ‘mortgage’ payment. The Court also ordered that all contracts associated with homes through Vision Property Management be terminated and deemed satisfied and paid in full.