Two Grove City men are facing charges after allegedly having inappropriate sexual relations with two different 14-year-old girls. 18-year-old Austen Mark Supler and 19-year-old Alexander Cole Kirby both charged after allegedly having inappropriate sexual contact with two different teenage girls. Kirby was charged with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault. Supler was charged with indecent assault and furnishing alcohol to a minor.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor is announcing new regulations for workers who receive wages from tips.  Officials said yesterday that under the new rules, tipped workers can only be paid the tipped minimum wage when engaged in work that generates tips.  The DOL says this ensures that employers do not extend the reduced cash wage to all employee work contributions all week long.  The tipped minimum wage is currently two-dollars-and-13-cents per hour federally and two-dollars-and-83-cents per hour in Pennsylvania.

The statewide school mask mandate is now set to expire on December 4th unless the Governor Wolf’s administration is granted a stay.  On Tuesday, Judge Christine Cannon sided with parents who have sought to overturn Governor Wolf’s mask requirement announced at the beginning of the school year.  Judge Cannon said the Acting Secretary of Health did not have the authority to issue the mandate.  The Governor can still appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has passed a bill that does away with permits to carry a concealed weapon. House Bill 565 passed Tuesday night by a 107-92 vote margin. It now heads to the governor’s desk to be signed into law, but Governor Tom Wolf has said he’ll veto it.

You’ll soon have a chance to enter a lottery to buy one of 425 bottles of rare whiskey.   The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has opened its Limited-Release Lottery to state residents and licensees for the chance to opt in to five separate lotteries: Buffalo Trace 2021 Antique Collection and four bourbons.  The price for each whiskey is 110-dollars. The limited release lottery registration is open until Friday, November 19th.