News Live 365: Election Day 2021

Today is Election Day 2021. This year’s election is a municipal election and most of the races are for local positions such as school board, mayor, city council, and judgeships. There is one statewide election for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court; the winner will replace Republican Justice Thomas Saylor who turns 75 and must retire at the end of this year. Candidates in this supreme court election are Republican Kevin Brobson and Democrat Maria McLaughlin and the winner will serve a 10 year term on the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court.

If you are voting in person for the first time or voting at a new polling location, Pennsylvania Law requires that you bring a valid form of identification. Valid ID includes any photographic ID issued by the state such as a Driver’s License or PennDOT ID, or by the Federal Government like a Passport or Armed Forces ID Card; non photographic ID such as a confirmation card from the County Voter registration office, a current paycheck, utility bills, and others can also be acceptable ID. Learn more at