News Live 365: October 26th, 2021

After more than a year of investigation, 25 year old Ragene Gilbert of Meadville has been formally charged with the September 27th, 2020 homicide of Destine Conyers. Gilbert was officially arraigned yesterday on charges of criminal homicide and illegally possessing a firearm. He is accused of shooting Destine in the head and torso and leaving her on Mule Street in Fairfield Township, Crawford County and is being held without bail in Crawford County Jail. The investigation lasted almost 13 months and involved state, local, and federal investigators.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives honored former legislator Fred McIlhattan yesterday through a unanimous decision. McIlhattan served as a state representative for Clarion, Forest, and Armstrong Counties from 1997 to 2008; before that he served as the youngest elected mayor of Knox and then Clarion County Commissioner. Fred McIlhattan also a member of the counsel of Trustees of Clarion University. In his retirement he was a substitute teacher for North Clarion School District. He passed away last year at the age of 75.

Today is the last day to file your applications for mail-in ballots ahead of the municipal elections next Tuesday, November 2nd; they must arrive at your county elections office by the end of business today.

A 47 year old man from Columbus was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police in Concord Township, Erie County Friday morning after a hit and run on the Spartansburg Highway. It’s alleged that the driver deliberately crashed his pickup into another truck which contained three people and then fled the scene. At press time charges which may include aggravated assault are pending.

Pennsylvania’s election reappointment commission voted yesterday to approve the 2020 census data to be used in redrawing the congressional districts for the state. The data that was approved includes prison and jail inmates as residents of the district of their last address before incarceration. The data makes an exception for prisoners serving a life sentence or a minimum 10 years.

A Catholic Priest charged with the sexual assault of an 11 year old child pleaded no contest to indecent assault in Fayette County Court yesterday. Father Andrew Kaweki admitted to multiple sexual assaults of a boy from the time he was 11 until he turned 14 from 2004 to 2007. At least one additional victim also came forward and provided evidence for the case, though they were beyond the statute of limitations for the crime.