News Live 365: October 25th, 2021

On Friday night, October 22nd, The Pennsylvania State Police arrested Ryan Schmidt of St. Petersburg Florida while he was attempting to pick fights with residents of a trailer court in Sugarcreek. He was found to be in possession of marijuana and was the subject of felony warrants in Manatee County, Florida. He remains in Venango County jail waiting for extradition to Florida.

Kristal Turner-Childs of the Pennsylvania State Police has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, becoming the first black woman to hold that rank in the 116 year history of the State Police. As Lt. Colonel she will become Deputy Commissioner of Staff for the entire department. Kristal Turner-Childs was also the first black woman to command an entire PA State Police Troop and the second black woman to reach the rank of Major within PSP.

Governor Tom Wolf and Democrats in the PA House of Representatives plan on making a major push to hold hearings for more than 50 bills designed to benefit workers in Pennsylvania. Some of the bills include fixing a problem with Unemployment Compensation, an increase to the minimum wage, and action on the gender pay gap. The bills democrats are pushing for have been sitting in limbo for months, many since January.