News Live 365: October 21st, 2021

The Pennsylvania State Police released the details of an attempted homicide in New Bethlehem, Clarion County.  48 year old Tobias Allen attempted to shoot the mother of his child as she waited in her car to pick their daughter up and take her back home in Cambria County and  at least one bullet hit her vehicle. Allen then barricaded himself inside his home, but eventually surrendered to a SERT team composed of State Troopers. Allen is remanded to Clarion County Jail and faces charges for attempted homicide and owning a firearm while not allowed.

Linesville has received more than $1 million in PENNVest funds to update its aged water infrastructure. The money will help the borough replace about 2,000 feet of iron pipes with lead joints and update to a more modern and safer system with higher capacity. The borough of Knox in Clarion County has received over $2.4 million for a similar project to replace more than a mile of piping. Rimersburg received about $1 million for a similar project and Redbank Valley Municipal Authority received $830,000 to replace over 1,000 water meters.

Fall is mating season for deer and PennDOT is reminding drivers to stay alert for deer crossing roads and highways, especially from dusk until dawn. Pennsylvania rates second in the United States for reported incidents of cars striking deer with more than 5,500 crashes a year. During the fall mating season deer become extra careless around roadways as they follow their instinctual drive and motorists should exercise extra caution when driving through deer crossing areas.