News Live 365: September 14th, 2021

The Pennsylvania State Police arrested all three occupants of a vehicle during a traffic stop in Oil City. According to a public information release a trooper noticed all three men inside the vehicle were visibly impaired and a syringe was spotted when a passenger opened the glove box. The driver, Dalton Beach was arrested for DUI and his two passengers, Jeffery Feely and Morgan Rotkovecz had active warrants for their arrest; a search warrant was obtained for the vehicle.

Pennsylvania State Representative Donna Oberlander is hosting a document shredding event to help residents destroy unwanted documents while protecting vital details about their identities. A document shredding truck from Iron Mountain will be on hand at 160 South Second Avenue in Clarion from 9AM to 11AM on Saturday, September 25th; during that time anyone may drop off their documents that they wish destroyed free of charge. Documents encouraged to be shredded include anything with information on a bank account or credit card, social security number, or medical information. Please bring only loose papers, any bound or stapled papers such as books or magazines will not be accepted.

In state news: The larvae of tropical moths known as fall armyworms that were blown into Pennsylvania by the winds of Tropical Storm Ida are wreaking havoc as they devour crops on the farms of several counties. Armyworms, so named because they feed in large groups, have been spotted in Dauphin, Perry, Luzern, Erie, Bedford, Center, Indiana, Franklin, Somerset, and York Counties. They prefer corn, soybeans, hay, and small grains for feeding on and can reduce entire fields. Armyworms are not a typical pest in Pennsylvania as they are endemic to regions of southern Texas and Louisiana, and northern Mexico. Entomologists from Penn State University say that they will die off when winter weather arrives.