News Live 365: August 25th, 2021

The Third Annual Crawford Gives Day is only five days away. The annual online donation event raised over $377,000 for local charitable and nonprofit organizations last year and is looking to do even better this year. This year’s event will be prorated by five sponsors who will match part of every donation to increase their impact; Acutec, Armstrong, Northwest Bank, Palmiero Toyota, and First Choice Settlements of Pennsylvania. It begins right at Midnight on Monday August 30th until Midnight on Tuesday night. For more information visit or you can also contact the Executive Director of the Crawford Heritage Community Foundation Christian Maher by calling (814)499-1852 or email


Linda Johnson of Indiana, PA, is out on bail after allegedly discharging a pistol and threatening the life of a 61 year old Knox man with it.  She was charged with terroristic threats and assault by physical menace, as well as other summary and misdemeanor crimes.


PennDOT and the Pennsylvania State Police are cooperating with each other and with out of state entities as part of a national crackdown on impaired driving through Labor Day weekend. The State Police will be setting up DUI checkpoints at locations throughout the state until after Labor Day weekend is over.