News Live 365: August 11, 2021

Pennsylvania State troopers say they had to deploy a stun gun to apprehend Todd Vanderhoof of Corry on charges of assault, harassment, and resisting arrest. According to the police Vanderhoof assaulted a 36 year old woman at her parents house and then got into an extended and threatening argument with an older family member. When police arrived to calm the situation he refused to comply with directions and tried to fight with them.


The Erie County Department of Health announced that it is recommending all persons over 2 years of age wear a mask while in indoor public areas after the CDC listed Erie as an area of substantial community spread of COVID-19. The recommendation includes those who have been fully vaccinated and especially applies to the immunocompromised. Last week only nine counties were listed as having substantial transmission and only Crawford County was listed as high, but the number of substantial transmission counties has climbed to nearly half of the counties in the state while there are now 10 high transmission areas.
Crawford County is still the single regional county with a high rate of COVID-19 transmission; Erie is joined in the significant category by Mercer and Venango Counties; Clarion, Warren, and Forest Counties are listed as moderate.


The first public hearing in regards to Congressional Redistricting is to be held in Northwestern Pennsylvania at Grove City College on August the 24th. The Venue is Ketler Auditorium at the Pew Fine Arts Center and the meeting begins at 9AM. PA residents can even testify at the hearing if they pre register at PA redistricting dot com by next Wednesday, August 18th.