News Live 365: July 29th, 2021

Crash scene investigators say a motorcyclist managed to avoid injury on rain slicked roads despite severe damage to his vehicle. A report about last week’s crash was released this week saying Gary Sharp was on Route 8 near Centerville in Crawford County when his motorcycle fishtailed and then slid down the road a ways, but thanks to proper safety equipment Gary was unharmed.


In Harrisburg the House State Government committee will be doing a shakedown of sorts on the state government’s anti-corruption laws and rules. Committee Chair Seth Grove announced a series of hearings and research meetings to review The Ethics Acts, Pennsylvania’s Pension Forfeiture Law, legislative per diem rules, and more. The shakedown comes in the wake of last week’s resignation of Margo Davis, who was charged with theft and other crimes after charging her per diem expense account with costs that were paid from her campaign funds.


As fraudulent unemployment compensation claims become one of the most common crimes in Pennsylvania, Labor & Industry Secretary Jennifer Berrier held a press conference stressing that the information used to make the claims are coming from data breaches of sources outside of the State Government. Fraudulent unemployment claims have been on the rise since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and Secretary Berrier says PA’s new unemployment system has already caught more than $1 billion worth of attempted fraud since it came online June 8th.
The Director of PSPs Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Major Jeremy Richard had a warning for the public at that same conference, “Realize it can happen to you. If you have been a victim, don’t be embarrassed. Instead, report it to law enforcement. The Pennsylvania State Police works closely with its local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to investigate fraud, identity theft, and scams. The sooner law enforcement knows, the better the chances are of recovering your money and catching the scammers.”