News Live 365: July 28th, 2021

A 12 year old boy was airlifted to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for treatment of serious injuries after a two vehicle collision in New Wilmington Township, Mercer County. Police and EMS report that at the intersection of Pulaski Mercer Road and Bethel New Wilmington Road the driver of the vehicle he was a passenger in ignored a posted stop sign and continued through the intersection and then was hit on the passenger side by a classic Ford pickup truck.


The President of Pennsylvania’s branch of the AFL-CIO has joined the voices calling for an increase in Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. Rick Bloomingdale recently declared that an increase in the minimum wage would help fill jobs and lift working Pennsylvania residents out of poverty. Bloomingdale endorsed Governor Tom Wolf’s plan to raise the minimum to $12 an hour with a path to $15. He said supporters of increased wages need to overcome the arguments of opponents who say it would hurt businesses. The AFL-CIO stands for American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations and represents the largest group of labor organizations in the United States.


DNA evidence has lead to an arrest in a 34 year old rape and murder case in Adam’s County. The Pennsylvania State Police arrested 58 year old Christopher Speelman for the 1987 robbery, rape, and homicide of Edna Laughman. One of Edna’s relatives, Barry Laughman, was originally arrested and convicted of the crime, but was exonerated by the same DNA used to make an arrest back in 2003 after spending 16 years in prison.