News Live 365: July 27th, 2021

A Venango County man was hospitalized in Meadville Medical Center after sustaining injuries in a crash he claimed to know nothing about. Crash scene investigators say Luke Cisar of Cranberry abruptly travelled off the side of Interstate-79 North on Saturday morning and collided with an embankment between the two sides of the highway hard enough to send he and his car up and over the top and roll down onto 79 South. He told police he had no memory of the crash or how he lost control.


When asked, Governor Tom Wolf stated he was not thinking about reinstating a mask mandate in Pennsylvania. With nearly ⅔ of the adult population in Pennsylvania vaccinated against COVID-19 he feels continued vaccine efforts will do more than a mask mandate would, even in the face of the newest variants. Delta variant has come to PA and is a major reason COVID-19 cases have tripled in the second half of July and about 1,700 new cases of the disease were confirmed over the weekend.


The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruled in favor of employees over employers about mandatory security checks and other often unpaid workplace activities. Amazon was refusing to pay employees for standing in line during their mandatory daily security screenings and in response they launched a class action lawsuit against the company in 2013. The court ruled that hours worked includes all the time they spend doing company things on the company premises.